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  • ”Es fantástico recorrer estas tierras de magia por descubrir!, lugares soñados, que siempre estarán en su memoria.” Octubre 12 2015.
    Andres Burbano
  • ”Las tierras nariñenses son espectacularmente bellas. Me encanta conocer sobre todo la zona montañosa o Andina, las montañas tienen algo espiritual para reconectarme” Agosto 7 2015.
    Piedad Ceron
  • "Visitar la naturaleza llena de contrastes es la mejor forma de volver a tu esencia. Igualmente conocer la riqueza de cultura de los carnavales en Pasto" Enero 8 2016
    Gerson Ortega
    Turista - Colombia

Conoce el lugar "donde el verde es de todos los colores".

Mirada al sur. -Aurelio Arturo.


We are a Tour Operator located in the department of Nariño - Colombia, on the border with Ecuador.
Discover a variety of landscapes and tourist and recreational activities in the Pacific, Andean and Amazonian areas in Nariño. In our offers you will also find touristic packages in beautiful places in the departments of Putumayo, Amazonas, Cauca and Huila in Colombia and our neighboring country, Ecuador.
Our packages are customized according to your taste, budget, interests and time. We take care of your lodging, meals, transportation and guidance.
Discover each of the magical places of this region with Kahuari Travel.

"The landform of our land is fabulous, allows you to enjoy warm, cold, and moor temperatures".

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Punctuality is built by the effort to be on time at the right place. At Kahuari Travel we want to ensure this value in any of our activities.


Trust is the favourable opinion in which someone is able to operate well in a situation. From our first contact, you feel confidence with us.


The time for the pursuit of comfort is on holidays. Kahuari Travel will provide you this state on its trips, while you reconnect and enjoy our destinations.

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And you won't find me manifesting in the streets. You will find me singing to the forests and valleys.
You will find me talking with children, angels and trees. You will find me reciting stories and poems,
where our travels match.
– Arnau de Tera –